Melanie Phillips

22 May 2006

The politics of bling

Published in: Daily Mail

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The Prince of Wales turned it down. But there was one notable gate-crasher at what has been called the ultimate celebrity bash last night - although maybe celebrity wash-out might be more appropriate.

The Tory leader, David Cameron, was not invited to David and Victoria Beckham's lavish World Cup team farewell party; doubtless, it was felt that politicians would lower the tone. Nevertheless, the people's Dave managed to insinuate himself into this jamboree on the coat-tails of the editor of a down-market red-top tabloid.

Prince Charles may have been interviewed last week by Ant and Dec. But clearly, the Tory leader is auditioning for a show called 'I'm a celebrity -- get me into here'. It certainly gives a new meaning to the term 'political party'.

We can all doubtless sympathise with Mr Cameron's mission to rebrand the Tories as members of the human race. But is this really the way to do it? Or is he merely swapping one freak-show image for another?

Consider last night's shindig. To give Our Boys a good send-off for their attempt to win the world's footballing crown, the Beckhams hosted some 500 guests in the grounds of their Hertfordshire mansion at a party believed to have set them back by at least

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