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A most deplorable analogy

I have one or two strong things to say about an invidious comparison currently being made – not least by those who, of all people, should know better… Transcript follows beneath the video below. In 2015, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel flung open her country’s doors to the great tide of migrants pouring into Europe. They came from war zones such as Syria, from other tyrannies or rogue states. Talk about buyer’s remorse! Mrs Merkel recently told her party, the Christian Democrats: “For the next few months, what matters most is…

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Dubs rule put child refugees at greater risk

It is nauseating that the Holocaust is being used as an emotional bludgeon, so that anyone who supports restrictions on today’s migrants is not only attacked as a heartless monster but also for somehow betraying the memory of the victims of Nazism. In fact this analogy itself diminishes the Holocaust — no less unforgivably because among those making it are Jews themselves. To read my full article in The Times (subscription only) please click here.

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The courts v Trump

The situation now over President Trump’s messy temporary ban on immigrants from seven dangerous mainly Muslim states is itself a mess. The decision by the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit not to revoke the restraining order against the Trump ban is deeply questionable. So too, though, was Team Trump’s case before it. Several lawyers have severely criticised the appeal court’s ruling. Harvard Law Professor Emeritus (and lifelong Democrat) Alan Dershowitz told MSNBC’s Hardball show that the ruling had “many, many flaws” because it was “ based more on…

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The unthinkable prospect

Join me below as I ask why the most passionate opponents of both Brexit and Trump are so adamant that they will both fail. The answer? The consequences of their success are simply unthinkable for these opponents themselves. The transcript follows under the video. A great deal has been written about the hysterical reaction to President Donald Trump. But what would these over-the-top protesters do if Trump proved to be a success? Would they admit they had been wrong? A few days ago, I put this to someone in London….

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