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Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon at the latter's official residence, Bute House, Edinburgh Britain Videos 

May and Sturgeon go to war

British politics is entering very turbulent waters. Join me here as I discuss whether Prime Minister Theresa May can simultaneously fight EU bureaucrats, Scottish nationalists, Irish republicans and Remainers at Westminster, variously intent on seizing the moment for their agenda, scuppering Brexit or both. A transcript of my remarks follows beneath the video. The starting gun has been fired for independence in the United Kingdom. No, not independence FOR the UK from the European Union, or Brexit. Although the parliamentary bill enabling the government to start that process cleared its…

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zarif Videos 

Persian carpeted

Join me as I discuss with Avi Abelow of Israel Video Network the remark by Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu about the meaning of the Jewish festival of Purim, the jaw-dropping response by the Iranian regime, the complexities of nationalism within the United Kingdom and more.

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David Bruce King of Scotland acknowledges Edward III as his feudal lord; Jean Froissart c 1410 Videos 

When nationalisms collide

Join me here as I pick my way through the complexities which arise when one national identity is in conflict with another – within the same country. The transcript of my remarks follows beneath the video. Over the last few decades, national identity has had a serious image problem. It’s been conflated with nationalism which, as we all know, is responsible for bad things such as prejudice, racism and war. If you want to stop prejudice, racism and war, went the thinking, you’ve got to get rid of nationalism. And…

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Charon Carries Souls Across the River Styx; Alexander Dmitrievich Litovchenko, 1835-1890 Videos 

Denial is a river in Londonistan

Join me here as I express my concern that our political and intellectual establishment is still denying the truth about Islamic extremism, or Islamism. A transcript of my remarks follows underneath the video. In both Europe and America, the problem of Islamist aggression is matched by the inability or refusal of the governing and intellectual classes to acknowledge the nature and scale of this threat to the west. In Germany, the huge influx of mainly Muslim young men has brought in its wake so much aggression, sexual violence and other…

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Kurz and Allison: November 29 1863, The Assault on Fort Sanders Videos 

The media war

Does the war between President Trump and the media matter? Should the media be held to account for their contempt for democracy – or are their irrespnsibility and malice the price we necessarily pay for a free society? Join me as I discuss all this with Avi Abelow of Israel Video Network.

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The Death of Socrates, Jacques-Louis David 1787 Videos 

The uprising against moral extortion

Join me here as I argue that people in the west are in revolt against the dictatorship of virtue that has sought for decades to enslave them. The transcript of my remarks follows beneath the video. As we never stop being told by furious commentators, Britain and America are descending into a neo-Nazi, xenophobic, fascist hell on earth. Britain’s Brexit vote was anti-immigrant. President Trump is a fascist. Steve Bannon, his senior adviser and formerly of Breitbart news site, is a white supremacist. None of these claims is true. Britain…

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