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The western reset

We don’t quite know yet what shape US President-elect Donald Trump’s foreign policy will assume. It’s a fair bet that at this stage, President- elect Donald Trump doesn’t know either. We know he thinks the nuclear deal with Iran was a terrible error. We know he admires the cut of Vladimir Putin’s jib while taking a dim view of China. We know he supports the State of Israel, and wants to try to bring peace there by up-ending previous American policy towards the Arab-Israel impasse. Beyond all that, what he…

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Western spring or European winter?

Europe is convulsing. Neo-Nazis and racists are pushing at the doors of power along with less alarming populists and nationalists. Austria may have failed to elect as its president the neo-Nazi Norbert Hofer, but the threat from his Freedom Party is far from over. Hofer won more than 45% of the vote, and opinion polls suggest the party may win the most votes in parliamentary elections before the end of 2018. In France, Marine Le Pen not only promotes something akin to National Socialism but her strenuous attempts to distance…

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