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Antisemitic sign, pro-Palestinian rally San Francisco 2009 Britain USA 

Viewing antisemitism through a glass darkly

Suddenly, everyone’s worried about surging antisemitism. Remarkable. In recent decades, antisemitism has been the prejudice that dare not speak its name. The “Israel apartheid weeks” on campus, the blood libels about Israelis wantonly killing Arab children, the high proportion of attacks on Jews by Muslims – no one was allowed to call this anti-Jewish hatred. Anyone who did so was accused of Islamophobia, sanitizing the crimes of Israel by waving the shroud of the Holocaust and so on. Now people are shouting about antisemitism almost every day. Recent events are…

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The Building of the Trojan Horse, Giovanni Tiepolo 1727-1804 Britain 

Soft-pedalling won’t quash Islamist extremism

Ever since 9/11, Whitehall has been dominated by those who want to take the path of least resistance over the problem of Islamist extremism. The problem is not simply an Islamist Trojan Horse in our schools. It is a presumption of cultural surrender in the British official mind. To read my entire column in The Times of London, please click here (subscription only).

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extinct-dinosaur Britain USA 

The left dies in daylight

The British political and media class is today poring over the entrails of yesterday’s by-elections. The Tories won an unprecedented victory in Copeland, while Labour defeated the UKIP leader in Stoke. The discussion is over whether Labour’s hapless far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn is finished or will use the victory in Stoke to stagger on, and whether the useless UKIP leader Paul Nuttall made a strategic error in targeting Labour rather than Conservative voters. This all misses the point. The by-elections point to something rather bigger that is now taking place….

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inquisition Britain USA 

Political correctness kick-started populism

The reason nobody saw the people’s revolt coming is that political correctness is too easily dismissed. Reason has been supplanted by a secular inquisition, complete with an index of prohibited ideas. It is in effect a dictatorship of virtue, drawing upon the doctrine first promoted by Jean-Jacques Rousseau of forcing people to be free. Of course it’s not freedom at all but a form of moral extortion: extracting a free pass for bad or questionable behaviour under threat of character assassination and social opprobrium. My column in The Times of…

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The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, Goya, 1799 Britain USA 

Moral obscenity at the LRB

Every day we hear of folk who are simply terrified out of their wits by what Donald Trump may do and the terrible things he supposedly represents, amongst them violence and fascism. The London Review of Books is a highbrow literary magazine whose staff and contributors might be assumed overwhelmingly to think President Trump is a menace to humanity. It might be imagined that such sensitively attuned souls are themselves, in stark contrast, blessed not just with an elevated aesthetic sense but also with the highest moral sensibilities commensurate with…

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kindertransport-memorial-gdansk Britain Europe Videos 

A most deplorable analogy

I have one or two strong things to say about an invidious comparison currently being made – not least by those who, of all people, should know better… Transcript follows beneath the video below. In 2015, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel flung open her country’s doors to the great tide of migrants pouring into Europe. They came from war zones such as Syria, from other tyrannies or rogue states. Talk about buyer’s remorse! Mrs Merkel recently told her party, the Christian Democrats: “For the next few months, what matters most is…

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refugee-demo Britain Europe 

Dubs rule put child refugees at greater risk

It is nauseating that the Holocaust is being used as an emotional bludgeon, so that anyone who supports restrictions on today’s migrants is not only attacked as a heartless monster but also for somehow betraying the memory of the victims of Nazism. In fact this analogy itself diminishes the Holocaust — no less unforgivably because among those making it are Jews themselves. To read my full article in The Times (subscription only) please click here.

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