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The vicar’s daughter and the volatile vulgarian

Join me here as I marvel at the special relationship between the English vicar’s daughter and the volatile vulgarian in the White House, and speculate how this could usher in a new era of western renewal. If you’d like to read the remarks I make on this video, the transcript follows below. It had seemed impossible that Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May and the American President Donald Trump would have anything in common. The shy, reserved, utterly English vicar’s daughter and the garish and volatile vulgarian, who resembles a human…

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The media war against Donald Trump

At the end of Donald Trump’s first week in office, any hope that the tumult he had provoked would settle down has been dashed. The new President shocked his opponents to the core once again by breaking with all known political convention and proceeding instantly to set in train what he had promised the American people he would do. From the moment he got his feet under the Oval Office desk, he produced a stream of executive orders: building the wall on the Mexican border, penalising sanctuary cities, clearing the…

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Cant and humbug over Brexit and Parliament

It is now apparently axiomatic that yesterday’s UK Supreme Court Brexit judgment, which said there must be Parliamentary legislation before ministers trigger Article 50 and start Britain’s exit from the EU, has reaffirmed the sovereignty of Parliament over the attempt by government ministers to take away British rights in an undemocratic way. This has been said over and over again by Remainers supporting the legal case against the government. Did they want to stop Brexit? Good Lord no, of course not, hand on heart; their only concern, and it was…

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The Supreme Court gets it wrong over Brexit

As was widely expected in political and legal circles, the UK government lost its Brexit case in the Supreme Court today when the justices ruled by eight to three that ministers could not trigger Britain’s exit from the EU without Parliamentary legislation. The government says it will accordingly bring a short bill before the House of Commons later this week. It is to be hoped that neither MPs nor the House of Lords will now try to impede the stated will of the people for Brexit, as expressed in last…

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The Brexit/Trump effect

With the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States, a dramatic new era now starts for both America and the world. For those whose have reacted to Mr. Trump’s election with sustained hysteria, his arrival in the White House means that civilization, if not humanity itself, is about to come to an end. In Britain, the political climate has also suddenly changed with a similar reaction. Last June’s Brexit vote to leave the EU triggered unstoppable rage amongst those who wanted Britain to remain….

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Exposing lies is vital in a post-truth world

When is “history” actually a lie? How do you prove historical evidence is true? This, in essence, is the subject of the film Denial. Exposing lies is an effective way of uncovering truths which may otherwise be hidden behind unaudited claims on the net or a misleading ideological consensus. On issue after issue, from history to politics to science to social protest, the real story of our age is about the battle between truth and lies. My column in The Times of London (subscription only, I’m afraid). For access to…

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St George and the Dragon, Paolo Uccello, between 1458 and 1460 Britain Israel USA 

Britain gets it right. Twice. What gives?

Extraordinary! The British government has started making bold and good moves. No fewer than two such sets of developments have been spotted in as many days. On Sunday, at the Paris conference called to get the Middle East peace process back on track stick the knife into Israel good and proper before Obama leaves the White House, Theresa May’s government refused to sign its closing statement. “There are risks,” said the UK Foreign Office,“that this conference hardens positions at a time when we need to be encouraging the conditions for…

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Perfidious Boris?

In the House of Commons this afternoon the British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, who had just returned from meeting the Trump team in Washington DC, made the following statement: “I think it is a widespread view in Washington, and across the UN Security Council, that settlements are illegal… John Kerry was completely right to draw attention to the illegal settlements and to the substance of [UN Security Council] resolution 2334. I remind the House that the UK was closely involved in its drafting…” Last week, the US House of Representatives…

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Charities should stop meddling in politics

In 2008 the Charity Commission accordingly relaxed the rules to allow charities to conduct political campaigns. Although their main purpose must not be political, charities are now able to carry out political activities as a means of supporting their foundational aims. This allows them to launch highly partisan political campaigns. Non-governmental they may be. However, with substantial parts of their funding now coming not from private donations but from government grants, the NGOs have developed into a powerful, unaccountable sector of state-funded political activism. My column for The Times (subscription…

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