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Feminised Britain & Neutered Men

*** The ‘Sex-Change Society’ issues a devastating attack on androgynous public policy, arguing that feminism has distorted its own agenda of equality by replacing it with sameness. The results are startling. Men have been demonised through a distorted view that they are intrinsically violent and feckless while all women are essentially ‘saint-like’. At the same time, women are being encouraged to work at all times, whether they want to or not. In this timely critique Melanie Phillips tells the disturbing story of the attempt to feminise the state, to reverse…

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As I see it: American Jews get it wrong

In President Obama, liberal American Jews have supported someone who has made Israel less safe and empowered its mortal enemies. For years, Jews have been told they are too quick to see antisemitism where it doesn’t exist. This taunt has been used to dismiss real evidence of anti-Jewish attitudes as mere paranoia. Now American Jews are lamentably giving credence to this false charge. For they have led the hysterical and demonstrably absurd accusation that Donald Trump and his head of strategy Stephen Bannon are antisemites. During the presidential election campaign,…

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Lady Hale is not fit to be President of the Supreme Court

The president of the Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger, is to retire next summer. His deputy, Baroness Hale, was considered the favourite to succeed him. Until, that is, Lady Hale made an extraordinary comment in a lecture she delivered to law students this month in Kuala Lumpur. A few days before, the High Court ruled that the government couldn’t use the royal prerogative to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty and start Britain’s exit from the EU. In the ensuing uproar, the press accused the judges of throwing a spanner…

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Trump and Corbyn Have More in Common Than You Think

Just like the Labour leader, the US President-elect is protectionist, isolationist and dead against globalisation You will, by now, be familiar with the argument: that Donald Trump’s triumph in the American presidential election represents a kind of social and political apocalypse. That his victory came at the hands of fundamentally irrational, bigoted, disgusting extreme right-wingers beyond the pale of civilised values. It is axiomatic that there can’t be any good reason behind voting for him, so it is assumed that 60 million Americans were duped by ‘fake news’ which must now…

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Royal Sense of Duty May Die with the Queen

Our sovereign might be the last to believe in a higher cause than family or personal desires A sly joke that did the rounds during America’s traumatic presidential election campaign featured the Queen saying to the American people: “Having second thoughts?” The suggestion that America may have lost something of immeasurable worth when it declared independence from Britain in 1776 is, however, not altogether a joke. The British monarchy is probably the most well-known and yet the least understood institution in the world. That’s why The Crown, the drama series…

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Trump’s Opponents are the Bigots and Racists

Liberals weep for democracy even as they malign the people for being too stupid to deserve a say If any evidence were needed of why Donald Trump won the White House, it’s on display in the reaction to his election. American college students have demanded classes be cancelled so they can cry over the threat Trump apparently poses to their “sanity and well-being”. This is the same student body that regularly mounts threatening protests against anyone who dares contradict progressive pieties. Liberal writers have conjured up an existential apocalypse. In…

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As I see it: The Uprising of the Scorned

A populist revolution is under way in Britain, Europe and now in America. We may be in for a very rocky ride. On Tuesday night, the second shoe dropped with a terrific bang. Those of us who understood the full import of Britain’s Brexit vote last June had observed a similar phenomenon at work in the unstoppable rise of Donald J. Trump. As his stunning victory in America’s presidential election sank in, the reaction echoed the Brexit vote aftermath. For distraught liberals, it’s the end of the world as they…

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